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Industrial vacuum cleaner DSS 35 M iP

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Industrial vacuum cleaner DSS 35 M iP

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Brand: EE
Code: 09919000

Model: DSS 35 M iP
Industrial vacuum cleaner DSS 35 M iP


–   Vacuuming of dust (dry) and sludges (wet)


– Automatic electromagnetic pulse filter cleaning with “Permanent Clean” – cleans the filters permanently during the vacuuming process – without interruption of the intake flow!
– Pressure difference controlled
– 300 g force filter cleaning – also perfect working with plaster
– Constantly high air flow also during filter cleaning
– Electronic – soft start with deferred rundown switching
– Flow rate indicator – optical and acoustic monitoring of the suction performance
– Volume flow control adjustable to different hose diameters
– Diffuser – avoids stirring up of exhaust air
– Water recognition with sensor disconnection
– 2 polyester filter cassettes – high efficiency, durable
– Filter surface 8600 cm2 – high constant suction performance
– Special-plastic tank– low centre of gravity, easy cleaning of walls
– Special plastic bag for clean disposal
– Large storage tray for accessories and machines
– Carrying handle with retractable cable hook and hose take-up
– Hose connection with bayonet and twist balancing
– Hose ends are interchangeable – easy hose extension, dust free transport

Technical specifications:

Power input: max. 1.600 W
Rated voltage: 230 V ~
Tank volume (max.): 35 l
Dust volume (net): 25 l
Max. air flow: 64 l/s
Max. vacuum:259 mbar
Dimensions L × B × H: 550 x 400 x 550 mm
Weight 37,390 kg
Dimensions 60 × 41 × 76 cm

15 Kg