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Hand-held drilling machine EHB 32/2.2 R R/L

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Hand-held drilling machine EHB 32/2.2 R R/L

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Brand: EE
Code: 0152H000

Model: EHB 32/2.2 R R/L
Hand-held drilling machine EHB 32/2.2 R R/L
in a box incl. drill drift MT 3


– Hand-held or stand mounted drilling in wood, aluminium, steel
– Screwing and tapping (EHB 32/2.2 R R/L forward reverse and torque control)
– As a driving motor
– Metal and timber construction, machine, plant and vehicle construction


– Soft start, temperature control and over current cut-off
(EHB 32/2.2 R R/L) – protection of the machine
– Torque control, speed regulation and constant speed (EHB 32/2.2 R R/L) – optimal adjustment to material and drilling diameter
– Mechanical safety clutch – protection of the user
– Morse taper connection – versatile spindle connection

Technical specifications:

Power input:1800 W
Rated voltage:230 V ~
Rated speed:60-140/200-470 rpm
Max. drilling-Ø wood/alu/steel:100/60/32 mm
Spindle connection:MT 3
Collar diameter:65 mm
Weight:6.4 kg
Weight 4,740 kg
Dimensions 45 × 40,5 × 13 cm

6.4 Kg