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Diamond core drilling unit DBE 162 (ETN 162/3 with BST 182 V/S)

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Diamond core drilling unit DBE 162 (ETN 162/3 with BST 182 V/S)

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Brand: EE
Code: 03E35000

Model: DBE 162
Diamond core drilling unit DBE 162 (ETN 162/3 with BST 182 V/S)
without drill bit


– Dry drilling in sand-lime brick, brickwork, clinker, brick and other abrasive materials as well as wet drilling in reinforced concrete, natural stone and asphalt
– Sanitary, heating and ventilation construction, civil engineering, landscape construction


– Electronic – soft start, temperature control and over current cut-off, overload indication, constant speed
– Service indicator – lights up approx. 10 working hours before the carbon brushes need to be replaced
– 3-speed oil bath gearbox – for optimal lubrication in all working positions due to the specially developed oil pump and optimal adjusted torque-speed-ratio for all diameters
– Mechanical safety clutch
– Combination spindle with integrated connection for centering rod – fast, precise spot drilling
– PUR-construction site cable – strong for heavy duty use
– Changing system – fast conversion between wet and dry applications
– Integrated levels on machine and additional handle as well as on the carriage, scale and hole center indicator on the drill rig – exact drilling
– Quick-mounting system – apply the motor to the drill rig without the need for tools
– Column of the rig can be adjusted to 45°
– Compact combination base – fixing with anchor or
vacuum (vacuum set necessary)
– Feed lever change without any tools – easy change of the working site
– Retrofitable wheel axle (accessory) – easy transport

Technical specifications:

Power input: 2.200 W
Rated voltage: 230 V ~
Rated speed: 0-510/0-1.150/0-2.500 1/min
Drilling diameter nass: 12-162 mm
Drilling diameter trocken: 12-202 mm
Spindle connection: G½” female + 1¼” male
Column lenght 995 mm
Hub: 700 mm
Weight 51,900 kg
Dimensions 69116 × 4552 × 18533,5 cm

20.7 Kg